The Drum Recording Room!

The Drum Recording Room at Ultimate Rhythm Studios

Mike Avenaim's drumset while Recording Drums for Jordan Millar

Mike Avenaim’s drumset while Recording Drums for Jordan Millar

Having a great sounding drum room is a big part of capturing awesome drum sounds. The large 600 sq ft live room at Ultimate Studios, Inc was built to not only record the best drum tones in town but to be versatile as well. It features a rail system around the entire room that allows for complete sonic customization by moving absorbers, RPG Diffusors, and BIG 8′ wood polyfusors anywhere you need to create just the right sound.

“When we built the studio I wanted to make sure the room was able to adapt to the diverse types of work I do. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the room treatment and ultimately decided to build a “rail system” around the entire room. This allows me to tweak the room to my needs or the clients needs. It’s really quite amazing how many different sounds and vibes we can get out of the room. It really works quite well.” says Recording Engineer Charlie Waymire.

The Control Room!

The Toft ATB Recording Console at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Ultimate Studios, Inc’s Toft ATB Console

Ultimate Rhythm Studio's Chandler Limited Germanium Microphone Preamp

Ultimate Studios, Inc boasts a 305 square foot control room centered around a fantastic sounding Toft ATB24 Recording Console (based on the infamous Trident 80B recording console) and Trident HG3 Studio Monitors that deliver pristine audio! With racks full of outboard gear by Overstayer Record Equipmetn, Chandler Limited, Golden Age Project, Chameleon Labs, DBX, ART, and more, literally any sound you can imagine is possible!

Drums Baby!

The Drum Wall at Ultimate Studios, Inc

To complement the racks full of outboard gear Ultimate Studios, Inc has an excellent collection of drums too! Full kits and snares from Gretsch, Pearl, Rodgers, Yamaha, Ludwig, and more. Every drum in the studio is in excellent condition and gets extra love and care from the Drum Whisperer Chris Heuer of Heuer Drum Works.

Drums and Drum Recording are our business and we have the right drums for any situation!

Lots of Microphones!

Microphones at Ultimate Studios, inc

Charlie has worked with some of the leading microphone companies in the business and compiled a special, custom, and very full, microphone locker. Every microphone in the locker has been hand picked for it’s sonic detail and it’s ability to allow Charlie to record the sounds he needs to record. There is a full line-up of Audio-Technica microphones as well as mics from Heil Sound, AKG, Cascade, and MXL. Check out all of the Drummer Demo Videos to hear them in action!

Enjoy more photos of Ultimate Studios, Inc!


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