“Good Vibrations” Web Series at DrumMagazine.com

“Good Vibrations” Debuts!

Charlie's new Drum Magazine Column - "Good Vibrations".

In his new column, “Good Vibrations”, Charlie Waymire is going to show us how he works with drummers to get a great sound in the studio. Called “Good Vibrations”, the new column is designed to give you a quick look at how you go for a particular sound to fit a session or song. Charlie will keep the emphasis on the overall concept and sounds as opposed to the technology. Each installment is recorded and filmed at Ultimate Studios, Inc.

The first episode of “Good Vibrations” features Real Drum Tracks Now Drummer/Producer Mike Avenaim. We filmed this while working together on a new artist that he’s producing named T’Lark.


I’m super excited to be working with Drum Magazine again. This column, “Good Vibrations”, will give you a behind the scenes on what type of sound we needed for the song and what I did to achieve that. I’m documenting real sessions for this column and I’ll give you a complete breakdown of the session. I hope you enjoy!


Visit DrumMagazine.com to watch the debut episode of “Good Vibrations” and read a complete session breakdown. Enjoy!


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